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Working from Home with dog

Online Training


Happy Handling

A five week course held on Zoom to help all dogs cope better with various different handling situations. Learn body language and consent-based husbandry techniques to teach cooperative grooming, nail trims, vaccinations, medicating and how to transfer these skills to the vets.

Dogs not needed for week 1.

Attendees will be given access to a private  Whatsapp group to share progress.

The classes are to be attended live.

Dogs attending should be injury-free and healthy, speak to your vet if concerned.


One to One Training

Online training sessions have revolutionised the way we work - we are able to see dogs in their home environment without the distraction of having one of us in your home. There is a lot to discuss initially -  history taking, problem-solving, teaching body language and this is also the most cost-effective option for your first session. 

We've found these sessions particularly beneficial for dogs with problem behaviours as well as new puppies and new rescues.


Friday Night Tricks Club

Weekly live classes (30 minutes) held on Zoom for all abilities. Learn how to train each trick then have a go with your dog with live tuition. Probably the most fun you can have online with your dog on a Friday evening! Suitable for all ages and breeds.


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